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Sunday, October 10, 2010

happy two

here are some happy little accessories for winter that i found
 while drinking my coffee this morning, all from anthopologie. 



  1. both are so cute!!! I wish it would turn cold here it was in the 90's...

  2. I just recently discovered Anthopologie and pretty much just fell in love. There is a sweater that i found there (but didn't buy) that i can't stop thinking about...Hmmm. I think i have to have it.

    Love that little hat.

    Thanks for sharing your little finds.

  3. Rachel, oh my goodness it is still SO warm there. I miss those temps!! Hoping for some cooler fall weather for you.

    Julia, enjoy anthro!!! it is so amazing and the quality is wonderful. I am dreaming of some new bedding from there right now!!!


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