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Monday, October 4, 2010

the girl in the green coat....

as i drove home today from picking up the kids from school we noticed how much fresh snow had fallen in the mountains over the weekend.  it looked like fresh vanilla ice cream on a cone. 
it was so beautiful with the sun shining and suddenly i had a peace come over me.  i would usually be stressed out and mad that winter was on its way, but i have a new approach to winter this year and  i choose to be happy in it.  i refuse to have a negative attitude and swear when its 30 below zero. 
last week i put the snow tires on my acadia, pulled my favorite green winter pea coat out of the closet and started preparing my flower bed for its hibernation.   
i am looking forward to our family ski trips to alyeska and sitting in the lodge with a nice cold beer=)
happy beginning stages of winter

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  1. Here's to embracing it all, Kelley. Life is just so much better when we don't argue with what is.

    So so glad you are enjoying your writing time. That makes me very happy.


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