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Sunday, October 31, 2010

back to the basics

back to the basics

the documentary no impact man really made an impact on me.  as a family we live a green life (as green as we can be up here in the last frontier) but there are a few things i want to try out.  one of the things i want to try is making my own cleaning supplies.  i am super excited to get started and see how it all works. 

-we often forget that simple water and a little extra elbow grease is all that's often needed for cleaning.  when that's not enough baking soda and borax are effective "greener" cleaning solutions.
the site above has a lot of information about these products and what to use them on.

i was introduced to sara snow a few years ago and i think she is fantastic.  she is a green living expert with lots of good info and recipes for making your own supplies. 
vinegar is another great cleaner.  just mix equal parts vinegar and water and you instantly have a great multi purpose cleaner. 
vinegar inhibits mold growth and will cut through grease and soap scum in your kitchen.

to get started i saved old cleaning bottles.  i never want to waste anything so i will use up all old cleaning supplies and not throw anything away. my old products (which i truly love for so many reasons) were commercial family friendly green products mostly from method and a few from 7th generation, so i am happy to use those products until they are gone.  the old bottles will be reused for my new home made products. 
happy green you have any sites, recipes, or ideas to share with me...i would love to hear them???

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  1. Oh, this is great, Kelley! This is great information...I will definitely be giving this stuff a try.

    Thank you for the nudge to be "greener," I needed it.


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