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Friday, October 15, 2010

free myself

free myself

today was a good day...

a good ending to a long week... 

we have just begun our battle, no matter the outcome, i know we will have won.  we are fighting for the beautiful soul we created together, so that soul can bloom with confident individuality.

together we are taking a stand and we are not willing to back down. we are a voice that needs to be heard on behalf of so many beautiful minds. 

we have to free ourselves a little from the private life we live. you will now know our heartache and tears, but no sympathy is needed, we choose to look at this as a blessing and it has made us understanding, compassionate and have a whole new appreciation for life.

we are not concerning ourselves with any negativity that occurs in day to day life. i consider myself free, and i will not look back.  my focus is all things that make us happy and keeping a hopeful future. 


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  1. Thank-you for sharing this amazing part of your soul. You are chosen for such a big reason.


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