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Saturday, December 29, 2012

oooh la la...

alternative earth clothing!!!!

sharing with you a new little company that i found through the yoga studio where i practice;)  i love these clothes and can't wait to get more of them=) they are doing good things--check them out online.  here are the items in my shopping cart...
happy weekend!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

simplify...washing my hair

my husband and i were talking one day about ways we could save money in our everyday lives.  i had been wanting to try some homemade products for a while and i thought this would be the perfect opportunity.  slowly i researched, then implemented different products into our everyday lives and i am thrilled with the results.  its is amazing to think about the amount of money we spent on products  we didn't need and learn about the harmful chemicals they were bringing into our home.  i would like to share with you what i have found in a little series called...SIMPLIFY.  Each week i will bring you something new that has inspired and worked well for me and my family.

it all started over 5 months ago when i finally took the plunge and used all my shampoo and conditioner and haven't purchased another expensive bottle from my salon.  about a year ago a friend of mine told me about how she only washes her hair once a week.  i was shocked because her hair always looks nice and never greasy.  i was intrigued and kept asking questions.  what shampoo and conditioner do you use???   her answer shocked me...baking soda and vinegar!!!!!  crazy!!!!!  i asked her all the details and was super excited to try it!!

i purchased a 13 pound bag of baking soda ($8) and the largest container of vinegar (just over $2)  i could find at our local costco-like store.  i know it is cheaper at costco but our closest costco store is 3 hours away.

what i do:

mix baking soda and water in a tupperware to desired consistency (i like mine to be a thick paste).  place lid on tupperware and place in shower.  make sure that you use a wide tupperware, i made the mistake of putting my first batch in a jar that i couldn't reach my hand into!!  ooooops!!!!  wash hair with soda paste (it will be a little weird at first but i promise you will get used to it=)  rinse your hair completely with water before using vinegar.  baking soda and vinegar when mixed create a little volcano like eruption =)  i keep a cup in the shower next to the vinegar and pour about 1/8th of a cup in the bottom of the cup.  i then fill the cup with water and rinse my hair and then rinse again with plain water.

its amazing how soft your hair will be and no you won't smell like vinegar all day.  i never smell it and have never had anyone tell me they smell it=)  i am unable to only wash once a week but twice a week works just fine for me.  another bonus is my shower never gets dirty because there is absolutely no soap buildup!!!  woo hoo!!!!!

give it a try and let me know what you think=)
happy hair washing!!