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Friday, January 27, 2012


rachel: so adorable in her favorite boots outside in the rain at her home in california

me:  3000 miles away in alaska on my way to work wearing my new boots i found last weekend at nordstrom on the sale rack! $89 woo hoo!!!

happy friday 

Monday, January 23, 2012

a change

i am all over the place with my thoughts here is whats on my mind.

i have been sitting here thinking today.  thinking about change and how i need some.  i would love to change my blog a bit, give it a new look and find some new connections through this blog world i have grown to love.  i would love more time for this change and hope to make some very soon. i have been working for the last six months with a photographer here in town and have been learning so much.  i hope to incorporate a lot more of my photography into this space.  

right now i am at the point in my life that is super busy with kids sports, school, and work.  time is not something i have much of, and i rarely sit down at any point throughout the day.  i love and am so proud of the paths my children are on and cherish their dedication to the things they love most.  even though i realize this time is crazy and i need to take time for myself to be the best wife and mother i have not found the time lately.  winter in alaska has me feeling trapped and uninspired.  i am craving the sunshine like no other year.  it is the strangest feeling and so hard to explain.  

heres to making the time for change, something fresh and new.  

monday loves...

my inspiration 
this monday loves

first it begins inside your heart.  something moves then opens.  then frees itself.  and now you feel a rhythm breaking its long silence.  this is going to be good. (a quote found on a journal my daughter received for christmas) 

the view from my front porch

  hope your week is fabulously full of health and happiness.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


i wanted to share a few pictures of our alaskan winter with you.  its been below zero and sunny for the last week or so!!  hope your winter is treating you well.  i am craving some warm sunshine and sand right about now!!

oh how nice it has been to see the sun.  
our drive to the city

so fun to see the train on our drive
the view from our hotel
out to our favorite place to eat
and a nice hot cup of tea

happy weekend

Friday, January 20, 2012

friday feet!!!!!!

rachel: in california wearing her adorable glittery black toms 
waiting for the rain to fall.
me: in very cold alaska wearing my favorite little flats in the 

happy friday

Monday, January 16, 2012

monday loves...a night out

on friday my husband and i attended his work holiday party.  it was nice and a great excuse to get dressed up and go out together as a couple.  

sweater: target
jewels: forever 21
dress: gap a few years ago
boots: borrowed from my friend janet!!!
this is my favorite accessory of all grandmas sweet little purse.  i use it every time we have a special event and always get tons of compliments!!!  i love it! and i always think of her when i carry it!!

happy monday

Friday, January 13, 2012

friday feet!!!!!!

wow!  its already friday!!  here is our second addition of friday feet in california and alaska!!

here are rachels very cozy feet on her favorite rug in california

here are my bare alaska feet on my favorite rug

happy friday 

Monday, January 9, 2012

pass the veggies, please!!!!

its really not a new years resolution, but i am completely back in the swing of things with my eating since some out of character eating took place on my part over the holidays.  (no meat, just too many sweets)i usually don't over indulge, but i did eat a little more than normal over christmas!!!  yikes!!!  by the time the new year rolled around i felt horrible and i was so ready for some exercise and veggie love!!!!  so amazing to me how my body responds to the food i put in it!!!!  along with lots of treadmill time i am spending this week eating all fruits and veggies and detoxing completely!!!!  happy healthy eating!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

monday loves...changing lives!!!!

new inspiration
my daughter received this adorable hat for christmas from my sister in law.  i loved it so much, but didn't realize the full amazing story behind it right away.  its adorable and warm and with every purchase of these adorable hats you are helping someone overcome poverty!!!  the hats can be purchased at nordstrom stores and online.  

have a fabulous week

Friday, January 6, 2012

friday feet!!!!!!

something fresh and new for 2012 with a crazy beautiful.  rachel and i will be posting together each week showing you our feet 3000 miles apart in california and alaska!! 

meet rachel of a crazy beautiful

here are rachel's feet in her sunny 67 degree california backyard.

kelley's ugg covered feet...a must in  -17 degree alaska!!! 

happy friday

Thursday, January 5, 2012

a new favorite

if you have not seen the HAVE to!!!!  its fabulous!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

fresh and new

it always feels good to start a new year.  time to create something fresh and new.  so excited for some new ideas and fun things to share.  

i am always always always searching for new health and exercise inspiration and today starts a new challenge with my husbands work.  they are involved in a wellness program to lower health insurance costs and so thankful spouses are included!!  so that starts today--lots of running and walking with motivation from my man!!!  

i promise some great news from kenzi lu!!!!!  we are full of ideas and hoping to have all the kinks worked out very soon!!!!  i know i have shared sweet kellyn here on my blog, and over at the kenzi lu blog.  i have to share some awesome news about a recent fundraiser here in alaska for the pcd foundation.  kellyns amazing mom kimberly raised $4700 for the foundation!!!!!  WOW!!!!!  so exciting.  more on that to come over at kenzi lu.

over the past couple of years blogging, i have realized how much i love it!!!!  i want to focus a little more time on it and connect more with the amazing ladies i have found here in blog world.  


happy 2012!