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Sunday, January 1, 2012

fresh and new

it always feels good to start a new year.  time to create something fresh and new.  so excited for some new ideas and fun things to share.  

i am always always always searching for new health and exercise inspiration and today starts a new challenge with my husbands work.  they are involved in a wellness program to lower health insurance costs and so thankful spouses are included!!  so that starts today--lots of running and walking with motivation from my man!!!  

i promise some great news from kenzi lu!!!!!  we are full of ideas and hoping to have all the kinks worked out very soon!!!!  i know i have shared sweet kellyn here on my blog, and over at the kenzi lu blog.  i have to share some awesome news about a recent fundraiser here in alaska for the pcd foundation.  kellyns amazing mom kimberly raised $4700 for the foundation!!!!!  WOW!!!!!  so exciting.  more on that to come over at kenzi lu.

over the past couple of years blogging, i have realized how much i love it!!!!  i want to focus a little more time on it and connect more with the amazing ladies i have found here in blog world.  

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  1. That fruit looks beyond amazing! I eat blueberries on salad, my cereal, my cake! =)
    Kristina J.


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