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Monday, January 23, 2012

a change

i am all over the place with my thoughts here is whats on my mind.

i have been sitting here thinking today.  thinking about change and how i need some.  i would love to change my blog a bit, give it a new look and find some new connections through this blog world i have grown to love.  i would love more time for this change and hope to make some very soon. i have been working for the last six months with a photographer here in town and have been learning so much.  i hope to incorporate a lot more of my photography into this space.  

right now i am at the point in my life that is super busy with kids sports, school, and work.  time is not something i have much of, and i rarely sit down at any point throughout the day.  i love and am so proud of the paths my children are on and cherish their dedication to the things they love most.  even though i realize this time is crazy and i need to take time for myself to be the best wife and mother i have not found the time lately.  winter in alaska has me feeling trapped and uninspired.  i am craving the sunshine like no other year.  it is the strangest feeling and so hard to explain.  

heres to making the time for change, something fresh and new.  

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  1. Oh,'s been too long since I've been here. I so hope the sun has been doing some shining for you lately. Sunshine can make such a difference in outlook/mood. We've been blessed with many days of sunshine here lately and it feels like a whole different world...I am blowing some your way right now.

    I hope you can carve some time out of your busy days for just you. I find that when I do that it actually opens up so much (including time, if that makes sense). It makes all the difference and is such a form of self-love...all else flows from the love we give ourselves (I so know this to be true)...even if all you can manage to fit in are few deep, conscious breaths.

    Here's to the fresh & new, my friend! Every moment is a new one, isn't that a beautiful thing?

    Sending so much love your way, sweet woman.




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