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Sunday, October 31, 2010

back to the basics

back to the basics

the documentary no impact man really made an impact on me.  as a family we live a green life (as green as we can be up here in the last frontier) but there are a few things i want to try out.  one of the things i want to try is making my own cleaning supplies.  i am super excited to get started and see how it all works. 

-we often forget that simple water and a little extra elbow grease is all that's often needed for cleaning.  when that's not enough baking soda and borax are effective "greener" cleaning solutions.
the site above has a lot of information about these products and what to use them on.

i was introduced to sara snow a few years ago and i think she is fantastic.  she is a green living expert with lots of good info and recipes for making your own supplies. 
vinegar is another great cleaner.  just mix equal parts vinegar and water and you instantly have a great multi purpose cleaner. 
vinegar inhibits mold growth and will cut through grease and soap scum in your kitchen.

to get started i saved old cleaning bottles.  i never want to waste anything so i will use up all old cleaning supplies and not throw anything away. my old products (which i truly love for so many reasons) were commercial family friendly green products mostly from method and a few from 7th generation, so i am happy to use those products until they are gone.  the old bottles will be reused for my new home made products. 
happy green you have any sites, recipes, or ideas to share with me...i would love to hear them???

Saturday, October 30, 2010

the girl in the green coat...the outfit under

the outfit under
my son took these photos for me and so we are missing a view of the pants and shoes=)

*shoes--navy mary jane sanitas
*black trousers--banana republic
*green shirt--anthropologie
*grey sweater--hand me down from a friend
*hair--my natural curl (that i don't share very often)

Friday, October 29, 2010


let yourself go. your bound to bloom.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

an early morning...

the dogs had me up quite early this morning.  i do enjoy the time  to get some things done, but i am so tired!! i am so thankful my husband takes care of the them, but while he is out of town i am taking over.  one more day!!!!! 

even though i am tired i appreciate this morning so much.  i am feeling so inspired and had a surge of ideas. i have some pretty exciting things going on in my mind and i hope to make them a reality in the new year.  

hope you all have a very inspired wednessday!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

letters to

i watched letters to juliet this weekend and i loved it!  what a sweet movie with amazing scenery. 
i have never really had the desire to travel to other countries, but after watching this movie italy is on my travel list. 
i picture myself with my camera around my neck taking photos of my family and the amazing old buildings and beautiful countryside.

Monday, October 25, 2010

the girl in the green coat...the outfit under

*the outfit under*

*shoes--navy mary jane sanitas
*trousers--american eagle outfitters
*belt--brown ribbon from a christmas gift a few years ago
*tank--brass plum
*green sweater--fossil
*jewelry--forever 21 and stella and dot

Sunday, October 24, 2010

a 4 leaf clover...a ring...and a moose, kinda week

this week was a busy one filled with a lot of emotion. i find that the little things these days really touch my heart and bring tears to my eyes. 
the week started off pretty normal but ended with an assortment of stories. 
the 4 leaf clover*

first i met an old man with very interesting interest, 4 leaf clovers.  i love to hear about peoples passions and this man was so sweet i couldn't help but listen to his story.  he talked all about the record he holds for the amount of clovers he's collected over the years (i believe it was some where around 178,000).  after the 10th time he told me where i could find his record online he reached into his wallet and pulled out a very special clover just for me.  i was so touched that he would share one them with me.  i will cherish it.  i come across some very interesting souls and minds at my work.  you never know who is going to walk through the doors or call on the phone or what story you are going to hear.

the sweet lady and the ring*

i was working on thursday when i decided i needed a pen.  i picked up the little pen holder and discovered a ring.  i plucked the ring out and remembered a very sweet old lady that i had helped about 3 weeks earlier.  she was fidgeting with the ring and was unhappy with the way it fit her finger so she wanted to give it to someone who would enjoy it.  i tried (and thought i had succeeded)to help her fit it on another finger that was more comfortable for her. 
after finding the ring in the pen holder i gave her a call and talked with her.  she seemed lonely and sad, which made me sad.  i have thought about her ever since and wondered if she has anyone to have tea with or just sit with.  as i thought of her the tears came to my eyes and i truly hope that she is happy and not alone. 

my moose*

friday morning after dropping the kids off at school i started on my way to work when the traffic ahead of me was stopped.  i noticed something in the road, but it was still a little dark so it took me a minute to realize that it was a moose.  as you know they are quite large, so when they try to cross the road at a bad time it becomes an ugly situation.  the moose was still alive but its legs were broken.  with its brother or sister waiting on the other side of the road it tried to get up and walk across to be by its side.  all four legs were broken and it didn't make it far before it collapsed to the ground.  i was so overcome with emotion that i couldn't lift my foot to the gas pedal to drive on my way and keep traffic flowing.  thankfully the driver who hit the moose pulled around to make sure it was not hit again by oncoming traffic.  as i finally pulled away i couldn't control the tears.  it was one of the worst things i have ever seen.  i cried all the way to work and thought about the moose all day.  moose are killed quite often on our highways, and it is something i will never get used to.

wishing you all a fabulous weekend filled with love and special memories--

Support Autism Speaks - Shop + Give, Turn Everyday Shopping Into Everyday Giving

Support Autism Speaks - Shop + Give, Turn Everyday Shopping Into Everyday Giving

Saturday, October 23, 2010

from the heart...

is all we help put a smile on someones face. here are 4 sites to check out.

toms shoes have become super popular all over and i am sure you have heard the story, but if you haven't it is really something to check out.  toms will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need every time a pair of shoes is purchased.  you can find them at great stores like norstrom or at the toms site itself.  they have some cute styles and they are not too expensive.  i don't own a pair yet, but they are my next shoe purchase.  they even have some cute sparkly pairs that i know my daughter will love.

buy a tide vintage t and $4 of each sale goes toward helping families affected by disaster.  i don't know why i think these shirts are so spectacular, but they are and they come in several different colors!!

check out the EZ shopper at the autism speaks website.  there are 40 retail shops that will donate a percentage of your purchase to helping with research into cause, prevention, and a cure for autism.
the shops include nordstrom, macy's, gap, and netflix.

i was introduced to this from my friend jessie.  this site has so much to look at and read.

please share with me places that have touched your heart, i would love to hear about them and check them out--thank you 

Friday, October 22, 2010

love love...handmade jewelry


a few beautiful finds this week. 
i am so excited about these fabulous jewels!!  i ordered one of lisas necklaces as a gift and i absolutely loved it--i want one for myself now. 
  here's to two wonderful woman making beautiful jewelry. check them out--they both have pretty fabulous blogs too!! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the girl in the green coat...the outfit under

i love to shop for clothes and accessories.  i always have, even as a little girl.  here are the clothes i wore today under the green coat.

boots* ugg australia
skirt* lucky brand
belt* brass plum
shirt* anthropologie
sweater* jcrew
necklace* my grandmas vintage pearls

Monday, October 18, 2010

5 things that made me happy today

things that made me happy today

i want to golf in these fun pants.  i am not a golfer, but i think these pants are fantastic. i love it when the pros wear crazy pants. white shoes and a white belt--oh my, its just too funny=) 
kelsey sheilds is one of my favorite musicians.  she is so talented and i am so lucky to work with her and be blessed with her beautiful soul everyday.  check her out on itunes or you tube--you will love her too. 
here are my precious companions
a little owl city is good for the soul.  i have so much fun listening to them--they make me happy. 

this picture is so interesting--i just had to share it
(its one of the guys from owl city)

family of eight...sneak peek


a little sneak peak at my latest photo shoot. 
a mom, dad, 4 boys, and 2 girls = one adorable family full of love.
i had so much fun at their beautiful home on the lake with adorable chickens and bunnies.  thank you j,l,c,l,j,a,a, & h=)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

a weekend in the city

a great weekend in the city~

we watched our nephews play in the state championship football game

found some treasures at the used book store

had an amazing dinner at a new restaurant with great friends

watched mamma mia and loved it

had some time at nordstrom with some fabulous friends
(i bought a new winter pea coat, it was only $33, i couldn't pass it up=)

spent quality time as a family


Saturday, October 16, 2010

a little addition to the girl in the green coat...

a special grey flower*

*i received this amazing anthro flower from one of my fabulous friends at work. i love it and had to share my new little addition to my favorite winter coat*

Friday, October 15, 2010

free myself

free myself

today was a good day...

a good ending to a long week... 

we have just begun our battle, no matter the outcome, i know we will have won.  we are fighting for the beautiful soul we created together, so that soul can bloom with confident individuality.

together we are taking a stand and we are not willing to back down. we are a voice that needs to be heard on behalf of so many beautiful minds. 

we have to free ourselves a little from the private life we live. you will now know our heartache and tears, but no sympathy is needed, we choose to look at this as a blessing and it has made us understanding, compassionate and have a whole new appreciation for life.

we are not concerning ourselves with any negativity that occurs in day to day life. i consider myself free, and i will not look back.  my focus is all things that make us happy and keeping a hopeful future. 


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

below freezing...

the days in alaska are getting much colder and darker as we approach our winter months.  i had to share the temp from my car thermometer this morning as i drove the kids to school. 


Monday, October 11, 2010

blogs i love...little nest

as you know i am always in search of some great inspiration. 
having a blog has introduced me to so many positive people doing wonderful things and sharing it all on their fabulous blogs.
 i want to share them with you and hope that you will be inspired too.

i am starting with the first blog i began to follow, little nest.
rachel and i grew up in the same area of california and attended the same high school.  it has been fun to connect through our blogs and learn how much we have in common. 
check out her photography, recipes, and adorable little family.  you will love her artistic flare and adorable style.

 here's to rachel--thank you for inspiring me

Sunday, October 10, 2010

12 things i would do if i had more time in the day...


make dinner every night and eat dinner together as a family at the dining room table

exercise everyday

create more and learn more about the things i love

have a vegetable garden

eat lunch with my kids at school every week on my day off

sit and relax

learn how to sew

sit and have coffee with my husband every morning

clean my house and wash laundry during the week so the weekend was open and all my time was focused on my family

get a facial and a pedicure

play with the dogs more

take more pictures
(a couple new pics of my sweet daughter. 
she doesn't usually like to have her picture taken, but she was patient with me and we had fun)

happy two

here are some happy little accessories for winter that i found
 while drinking my coffee this morning, all from anthopologie. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

happy finds...anthropologie


finds that made me happy this morning. 
i love searching for new ideas for our home.  here are a few things i found while i was drinking my morning coffee and searching through anthropologie online.
this dresser makes me think of california and the amazing old fruit boxes my parents have in the barn.  my dad could totally make this.
i love this yellow couch. 
 i would love to eat dinner as a family here, its so cozy and absolutely adorable.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

my true inspiration

my daughter...
believe that opportunity is everywhere and all around you.
let others lead small lives, but not you. 
let others argue over small things, but not you. 
let others cry over small hurts, but not you. 
let others leave their future in someone else's hands, but not you.
jim rohn

Monday, October 4, 2010

the girl in the green coat....

as i drove home today from picking up the kids from school we noticed how much fresh snow had fallen in the mountains over the weekend.  it looked like fresh vanilla ice cream on a cone. 
it was so beautiful with the sun shining and suddenly i had a peace come over me.  i would usually be stressed out and mad that winter was on its way, but i have a new approach to winter this year and  i choose to be happy in it.  i refuse to have a negative attitude and swear when its 30 below zero. 
last week i put the snow tires on my acadia, pulled my favorite green winter pea coat out of the closet and started preparing my flower bed for its hibernation.   
i am looking forward to our family ski trips to alyeska and sitting in the lodge with a nice cold beer=)
happy beginning stages of winter

Sunday, October 3, 2010

fab fab fabulous

a fabulous saturday...

saturday was a typical fall day.  the wind blew more of the golden leaves off the trees and the rain fell steadily, so i was so excited that the day before my friend jessie and i decided to meet at our favorite thrift store and search for some treasures.  i always make three laps in the store before i leave and i always find something new on the last walk through.  i found the cutest little red phone, green scale and 3 old hard back library books.  jessie found some great projects, end tables and lamps for her bedroom.  i cant wait to see how the end tables turn out, they are spectacular. 

after the thrift store we headed to the one and only clothing consignment store in town.  this store is only open two days a week and it run solely by volunteers and half of the profits go to our local preforming arts society.  the cause it great and so were the clothes.  wow, i was thrilled with my finds.  a brand new (with the tags still on) free people dress, three sweaters and a button up shirt.  i have been itching to shop lately and this really helped.  i didn't give in to ordering online and i am sticking with the recycled clothes pact i made with myself.  i had such a great morning with jessie and my daughter, who found a few fabulous things herself.  she was pretty excited to get a few things for way less money than she would pay in the regular store.  i am so excited she is enjoying the consignment stores too.  she wasn't too sure in the beginning when i first started shopping this way.

in two weeks i am headed to the big city to watch mama mia!!!  i am so excited to see this with my daughter and hit the consignment stores. 
happy shopping 

Friday, October 1, 2010

its all about me

14 things to knowing me a little better
inspired from
lori portkas beautiful blog

(just a goofy little picture my son took of me last ski season)

1.  so its october and this is the first thing that popped in my head, i hate halloween.  i always have, even as a little kid and i am not quite sure why.
so, this months edition of martha stewart living is a little freaky.
she is the queen of halloween.  it makes me mad that spell check wants to capitalize halloween.  i don't think its a holiday.  enough about halloween.  whew!!!

2.  i have two black labs.  turner, three is my vegan puppy and killey (pronounced key-lee) is one and we inherited her from some good friends earlier this year.  i love dogs, but i was very hesitant to get one because we are away from home a lot.  i am so glad they are here and a part of our family.

3.  i love to dance at the night clubs in las vegas.
no one knows who we are and we can let loose.  yes, my husband likes to dance too!!

4.  i like papa roach and eminem.

5.  i love yoga, but i don't make enough time to do it.  i keep telling myself i need to make a date with rodney yee.  i love how he teaches us yoga on a cliff or a beach in hawaii with his soft voice and tight shorts, hmmmmm, maybe that why i like yoga=)

6.  i prefer to listen to music rather than watch t.v.

7.  i have always wanted to attend the olympics.  i am so inspired by their amazing talent and dedication.  the opening ceremonies and medal ceremonies make me cry.  i always think of how proud the athletes and their families must be.

8.  i fall more in love with my husband each year.  he is my best friend, i am so proud of him, and i can only hope that our kids will be just like him when they get older.

9.  i love the movie the princess bride.  

10.  i don't like to kill spiders.  i want to set them free when everyone else is screaming and trying to stomp on them.  every creature is here for a reason.
(we don't have black widows in alaska=)

11.  my favorite flower is the sunflower and my favorite book is to kill a mockingbird.

12.  the first earthquake i felt was in alaska.

13.  i desire to own my own business someday and work with my family.  we spend so much time apart and i miss them.

14.  i want a girly bike with big handle bars and a basket.  i imagine peddling around town in a cute dress and cowboy boots.  i would also have fresh fruits and vegges in my basket from the farmers market.

this was so much fun. 
have a super weekend.