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Sunday, October 3, 2010

fab fab fabulous

a fabulous saturday...

saturday was a typical fall day.  the wind blew more of the golden leaves off the trees and the rain fell steadily, so i was so excited that the day before my friend jessie and i decided to meet at our favorite thrift store and search for some treasures.  i always make three laps in the store before i leave and i always find something new on the last walk through.  i found the cutest little red phone, green scale and 3 old hard back library books.  jessie found some great projects, end tables and lamps for her bedroom.  i cant wait to see how the end tables turn out, they are spectacular. 

after the thrift store we headed to the one and only clothing consignment store in town.  this store is only open two days a week and it run solely by volunteers and half of the profits go to our local preforming arts society.  the cause it great and so were the clothes.  wow, i was thrilled with my finds.  a brand new (with the tags still on) free people dress, three sweaters and a button up shirt.  i have been itching to shop lately and this really helped.  i didn't give in to ordering online and i am sticking with the recycled clothes pact i made with myself.  i had such a great morning with jessie and my daughter, who found a few fabulous things herself.  she was pretty excited to get a few things for way less money than she would pay in the regular store.  i am so excited she is enjoying the consignment stores too.  she wasn't too sure in the beginning when i first started shopping this way.

in two weeks i am headed to the big city to watch mama mia!!!  i am so excited to see this with my daughter and hit the consignment stores. 
happy shopping 

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