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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tuesday's tea and a menu

i realized a couple of weeks ago that coffee had taken over my entire day of liquid intake.  i decided right then and there that i needed an intervention with myself.  i started by not drinking any coffee after 12 noon.  now i am down to just a single cup in the morning with an occasional americano if we go out for a treat.  i know this time of year i crave hot liquid because of the extreme cold outdoors so i found some great decaffeinated teas to keep my mind warm.  good earth makes some great organic teas with fabulous flavors!!
about a month ago my hubby was gone for a work trip and the kids and i decided to make a list of dinners for the week.  we were really missing out on family meals and i was not cooking and feeling like a really bad mom.  so making a list and posting it on the fridge has really helped keep me organized and i dont have to worry about whats for dinner each night.  on the two nights that i work late we planned for left overs.  how do you plan dinners each night?? 

Monday, November 29, 2010

monday loves

oh, hello monday...oh my goodness thanksgiving weekend went WWWWAAAAAYYYYYY to fast.  i made a huge dent in my holiday shopping!!!  phewwwww!!!!!  i already feel more relaxed and will be thrilled when i have it all covered.  maybe today!!!!!  i started working on my daughters dresser.  i received some motivation when i walked into her room and clothes were everywhere and the knobs from anthro came in the mail.  love them--

i am now the proud owner of an iphone 4 =) i didnt think anything could get better than my old iphone 3, but this one is pretty darn spectacular.  i am still running and its going pretty well.  my hubby has jumped on the treadmill too, so it really helps when we motivate each other. 
happy monday to you!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Long distance loves

the 4 cousins have so much fun together

Today we learned how to skype with our Cali family!!!!!! Oh my goodness I have never seen my kids so excited!!!! They squealed and jumped around and went absolutely crazy!!!!! Too fun!!!! They might just have to do this every night!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

my little loves

today i had a little photo shoot with my kiddos for our christmas card. 
they were not really in the mood but i am about a month behind sooo we had to get it done.  i created my cards on pear tree greetings this year and they should be on there way soon.  phewwwww!!!!

more love

small business saturday
it's all about love these days! i love to share with you, people I love and things I think are fabulous! with that, here is another fab place to find some inspiration on this small business saturday!!!!  please, as much as you can shop small businesses this holiday season.

my latest fab find on etsy...berryisland.
this beautiful vintage frame with mosaic china!!  so cute!!
this little garland is adorable!!
love these colors!!

hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

all we need is love

last night as a family we watched the movie "i am sam". 

i remember watching it back in 2001 when it first came out, but i had forgotten the full impact of this amazing movie.  i cried through its entirety and thought about all the things in my life that made me who i am today.  feeling heartache and learning to see life through the beautiful eyes of my daughter have made me so thankful.  i am so thankful for so many things in this wonderful life, but finding the ability to be thankful wasn't easy.  this has been a year of growth, emotion, heartache, stress, tears and joy all wrapped up into a new found life of acceptance, love, more love, and more tears. 

so, today on this day of giving thanks i think of the beautiful people out there who make a difference in our world and live life filled with love and happiness, just like "sam".

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

love love love

3 of my favorite LOVE items on etsy
1. vintage love letters from lolas room.  she has all sorts of adorable items and photographs.
2.  i love love love this love photograph from bomobob photography.
3.  last but not least this adorable love sign i want for my house from artsy momma 2.

i cant say enough about the endless supply of fabulosity on etsy.  so much talent and amazing finds.
love love love

Monday, November 22, 2010

helloooooo monday...

our new toy arrived late last week and the kids have been a little obsessed with it all weekend!!  as they are getting older the need for a second computer had become a NECESSITY!!!!!  my husband and son are always checking their fantasy football stats, my daughter LOVES watching her favorite gymnasts on you tube and of course i am always searching for something fabulously inspiring.
the answer to our little  "problem" was the ipad.  i am so glad we made that choice and i think it will be great on our little vacay out east next month.  next i will be replacing my dell and heading back to the fabulous world of a mac book. 

my latest project!!!!!

i have been meaning to share this little find with you for some time.  my daughter has been in need of a dresser and i found this great piece a few weeks ago.  it will be my biggest up cycle project yet, and i cant wait!!!!!!  i haven't picked the color yet, but i am thinking of a shade of green with all different colored knobs from the fabulous anthro.  stay tuned for my progress on this beauty!!!
much love

Sunday, November 21, 2010

holiday shopping...

another fabulous find...the pleated poppy
super cute

these are just a few of her handmade goods.
how is your holiday shopping going????  making any progress????

good friends

the last two night we have spent with great friends!!  much over-do get togethers and time to laugh and eat great food!!  friday night was pizza and beer night with some old friends whom we love and just dont spend enough time together.  saturday night was spent with newer friends for veggie/organic wine night.  wow if you have never tried organic wine please go get yourself a bottle.  it was fantastic.  i know that alcohol isnt the best thing for our bodies so if we are going to enjoy and occasional alcoholic beverage it sure as heck should be organic.  a little advise from my friends who wrote the skinny bitch book. 

thank you k,a,k,j,andj for good laughs and great conversation

so much excitement...

oh my goodness!!!  i have so much to share with you!!!  hope you are having a super weekend!!!
much love

Thursday, November 18, 2010

a thursday hello

its been an interesting week and boy has it been COLD!!!!!
this was the temp as i pulled into work yesterday morning.  this morning it made it down to 1 degree. 
my new book is great.  i am not learning much new stuff but it is a great reminder and motivator!!  love it!!
ahhhhhh, tomorrow is friday...thank goodness!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

lemons, squash and an old book

i found this great 1978 vegetarian book at the second hand book store last time we were in the city.  i loved the colors and there are some pretty fabulous recipes inside!!
heres to squash!!!!  i love it inside and out.  so beautiful on the outside and so tasty on the inside!!!
love the colors
i have to have lemons in my water these days!!!
love love
hope your wednesday was extra special

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

its tuesday and i have a new book to read

well, the wait is over!!!  i have had my eye on this book for a little while and i am finally setting aside some time to read.  i will let you know if i learn anything new.
hard to resist a book with a title like this=)

Monday, November 15, 2010

just me and monday

i have a love hate relationship with mondays.  i hate them because the weekend is over and my time with the fam comes to an end.  early mornings, making lunches, and leaving the house before the sun comes up (its not getting light in the morning until about 8:30 these days) begin again with the start of the work and school week.

on the other hand i love mondays.  ahhhhhhhhh... its my day off from work and my day to have all to myself.  my day to be lazy, busy, creative, whatever i choose!!!! 

after i dropped the kids off at school i came home to the treadmill.  i am not a gym person and i don't like to run outside in the winters so, my treadmill becomes my new best friend.  i have to force myself to get back in the routine, but once i do i am ALWAYS so happy and i feel great.  alaska can be real grey in the winter so my treadmill helps keep the winter blues away!!!!! 

today i choose to stay home all day--no appointments no errands.  its just me and my dogs, sitting and enjoying the quiet!!  the snow is falling and it looks beautiful.  

just the way you are

bruno mars says it all in his song titled "just the way you  are"

here is my lulu!!  not really her name but that what i call her most of the time!!

when you smile the whole world stops for a while
cause your amazing
just the way you are
when i see your face
theres nothing i would change
your amazing
just the way you are


Sunday, November 14, 2010

getting started

every year i plan to start my holiday shopping early, but lets face it it never happens.  i started last week with a few purchases, but today the shopping really began.

this year, i decided to shop (as much as i can) from artists, small shops and others places where i find handmade goods.

here are a few places i wanted to share with you, just in case you needed some ideas for great places to purchase unique handmade and vintage gifts.

i know i have shared a few of these great people with you before, but seriously i love their art and want to share it as much as i can.
enjoy and happy holiday shopping

1. crystal b
this jewelry is absolutely stunning.  i have ordered a couple of pieces from her etsy shop and they are even more amazing in person. 

2. lori portka (happiness through art)
i found lori from my friend julia at the painted path.  her art is so inspiring and these recycled magnetic locket sets are the cutest. 

3. painted path- i have shared julia's beautiful artwork on my blog before and i own one of these adorable necklaces.  i receive so many compliments on this gem, i want to buy one for everyone i know!!!

4.  i love lune vintage!!!  jill has an amazing eye for all things fabulous.  check out her blog and etsy site and you will fall in love with lune too!!!!

5. gussy sews makes all sorts of great things but my favorites right now are these adorable headbands!!!!!

6. allora handmade- so i know i have talked about allora before but that was before i owned one of these fabulous necklaces.  oh my goodness i love it and receive tons of compliments when i wear it.  

well, i will start with these 6 amazingly talented ladies.  check back for more as the month goes on and i continue my search for amazing gifts.
love love love

folk you...

last night i spent the evening with some girlfriends at a great coffee house listening to our friends sing.  great food + good music in a 100 year old house = a happy heart. 
heart shaped dish + berries = adorable little cobbler
kelsey + jake = folk you
molly + kelley = sista in laws

Saturday, November 13, 2010

weekend fun finds

wow!!! i found some pretty spectacular things this morning while i drank my coffee!!!!
all from anthro