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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tuesday's tea and a menu

i realized a couple of weeks ago that coffee had taken over my entire day of liquid intake.  i decided right then and there that i needed an intervention with myself.  i started by not drinking any coffee after 12 noon.  now i am down to just a single cup in the morning with an occasional americano if we go out for a treat.  i know this time of year i crave hot liquid because of the extreme cold outdoors so i found some great decaffeinated teas to keep my mind warm.  good earth makes some great organic teas with fabulous flavors!!
about a month ago my hubby was gone for a work trip and the kids and i decided to make a list of dinners for the week.  we were really missing out on family meals and i was not cooking and feeling like a really bad mom.  so making a list and posting it on the fridge has really helped keep me organized and i dont have to worry about whats for dinner each night.  on the two nights that i work late we planned for left overs.  how do you plan dinners each night?? 

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