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Monday, November 29, 2010

monday loves

oh, hello monday...oh my goodness thanksgiving weekend went WWWWAAAAAYYYYYY to fast.  i made a huge dent in my holiday shopping!!!  phewwwww!!!!!  i already feel more relaxed and will be thrilled when i have it all covered.  maybe today!!!!!  i started working on my daughters dresser.  i received some motivation when i walked into her room and clothes were everywhere and the knobs from anthro came in the mail.  love them--

i am now the proud owner of an iphone 4 =) i didnt think anything could get better than my old iphone 3, but this one is pretty darn spectacular.  i am still running and its going pretty well.  my hubby has jumped on the treadmill too, so it really helps when we motivate each other. 
happy monday to you!!


  1. It must feel great to have already done so much shopping...I wish I could say the same. It'll happen when it's ready to. :)

    Happy Monday to you too, Kelley! Hope your day overflows with many blessings.

  2. totally jealous of your new iphone and I LOVE THOSE KNOBS!


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