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Sunday, November 7, 2010

sunday fun finds

here are a few fabulous finds i wanted to share.  enjoy
 i was so thrilled to find this necklace because for one it is super cute, but also because my heart will always belong to california.  love
find it here at truche

i love love this planner--hmmmmmm, someone will be getting this for christmas!!!!
find it here at much ado about you
so cute
i love flowers and i love to wear flowers so its no surprise that i love love love this little ring from the paisly mill.
so with all my searching for amazing hand made items i found the queen bee market.  wow is all i can say!!!  i wish i was going to be in san diego on november 12 and 13th!!!

enjoy the rest of your weekend--so the snow has been falling all weekend.  has winter made an appearance at your house yet??

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  1. Hey Kelley!
    I was wondering where some of your favorite places to shop for necklaces are. My friend is trying to find our bridesmaids necklaces but she wants something fun and colorful but that can fit our different styles. I know you have some great places that you like to get your jewelry from so I was just curious so maybe she could find some cute ones! Miss you


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