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Monday, November 22, 2010

helloooooo monday...

our new toy arrived late last week and the kids have been a little obsessed with it all weekend!!  as they are getting older the need for a second computer had become a NECESSITY!!!!!  my husband and son are always checking their fantasy football stats, my daughter LOVES watching her favorite gymnasts on you tube and of course i am always searching for something fabulously inspiring.
the answer to our little  "problem" was the ipad.  i am so glad we made that choice and i think it will be great on our little vacay out east next month.  next i will be replacing my dell and heading back to the fabulous world of a mac book. 

my latest project!!!!!

i have been meaning to share this little find with you for some time.  my daughter has been in need of a dresser and i found this great piece a few weeks ago.  it will be my biggest up cycle project yet, and i cant wait!!!!!!  i haven't picked the color yet, but i am thinking of a shade of green with all different colored knobs from the fabulous anthro.  stay tuned for my progress on this beauty!!!
much love

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