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Thursday, November 25, 2010

all we need is love

last night as a family we watched the movie "i am sam". 

i remember watching it back in 2001 when it first came out, but i had forgotten the full impact of this amazing movie.  i cried through its entirety and thought about all the things in my life that made me who i am today.  feeling heartache and learning to see life through the beautiful eyes of my daughter have made me so thankful.  i am so thankful for so many things in this wonderful life, but finding the ability to be thankful wasn't easy.  this has been a year of growth, emotion, heartache, stress, tears and joy all wrapped up into a new found life of acceptance, love, more love, and more tears. 

so, today on this day of giving thanks i think of the beautiful people out there who make a difference in our world and live life filled with love and happiness, just like "sam".


  1. This is beautiful, Kelley. There is nothing quite like the heart-opening feeling of gratitude...and holding loved ones close.

    You have a beautiful, sensitive, open heart that spills over to everyone you are in contact with. You are one blessed woman.

    I hope you and your sweet family spill over with love for each other today. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. Eat, drink, be merry!

  2. Thank you. I'll watch it again soon.


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