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Friday, September 24, 2010 grandpa


when i think about my years as a kid growing up in california, i remember so many wonderful memories with my grandparents.  my brother and i were the only grand kids on my moms side, so we spent lots of quality time with them.

i came across this picture of my grandpa several years ago and i have had it in a special place in my home ever since.  i hold on to this photo because it is truly the way i remember him, handsome and strong, but one of the most tender hearted human beings i have ever known.  he was so kind, generous, and had quite the sense of humor.  he always had a smile on his face and made friends everywhere he went.  he truly loved his family and was married to my grandma for over 50 years. what an inspiration in love and friendship. 
he lived for over 20 years after he was diagnosed with parkinsons disease. 
he died just a few months before i had my son in 2002.  i miss him and think of him everyday.

my mom is exactly like him and continues his amazing spirit with her generous heart as she is one of the most wonderful and caring woman i know.

this is my first installment of thoughts...
one of my goals in my goal journal is to become a better writer.  i would love to express my "thoughts" better on paper.  to honest writing frightens me a little, so this is quite the challenge for me.  i am really excited and ready to start sharing.

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