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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

im ok with that

i had such a wonderful birthday on sunday.  no major plans just a day with the fam and a dinner made by one of my great friends.  she even had my favorite organic pickled beets from our local gourmet mart.
i have such amazing and thoughtful friends and i received some amazing gifts from the heart.  from a wonderful frame made from old barn wood, yummy miso and fuggle mustard (being a vegan you learn all the really amazing things to eat that are out of the ordinary) to a nail file with the most wonderful little saying.  "i know i'm in my own world...that's okay, they know me here"
i am in my own world up here in alaska.  i don't always fit in, but i am ok with that
thank you beautiful friends


  1. I just feel like I should tell you how much I look up to you!! You are seriously an inspiration to me and I love looking at your blog and everything your doing. It makes me want to do it too :)

  2. ahhhh ronni thank you so much. i love to hear that and i want you to know that i look up to you too. you are truly amazing and i am so honored to have you in my life. i miss ya and i love ya girl.

  3. You are an inspiration....and someday I will come see you in alaska. I have a longing to visit there so badly ever since watching the show Men in Trees. Every time I say to someone I want to go visit alaska, they look at me with a strange expression...someday...

  4. you are welcome to visit us anytime. it is a great place to visit and oh so beautiful. i have never heard of men in trees--i will have to check it out. it is so funny how people looked at me when i told them i was moving to alaska. i was only 18 and i didnt know what i was doing!! i am glad i have had the opportunity to experience such a beautiful land, but i long to move much closer to my family. someday

  5. I can't imagine how hard it is to be away from your family, I don't think I could do it. My husband is from Virginia and when we first met I thought we might move back there, but he has been in California now longer than Virginia, so he is truly a Californian now (especially since I finally got him to wear flip flops). Anyways, Men in Trees is no longer on TV. It was on about 2 years ago, but you could probably find it on Hulu. Talk to you soon!


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