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Sunday, September 12, 2010

goals...recycled clothes

so...i have been thinking a lot about journaling lately and i decided to keep different journals for different parts of my life. 

inspirational quotes are one of  my loves and so i have decided to keep a journal just for them.  i usually write them all over the place and this way i wont lose them and i will have them all in one place to go to for inspiration and sanity. 

the way i eat and the health of my family is a huge part of my life and so i will devote one journal to my health.  it will include exercise, recipes, and day to day inspiration that i find in magazines or online.

the third specific journal i will keep will be dedicated to my goals for the year.  the first goal i wanted to share with you is about recycled clothes.  my goal for the year is to buy as much of my clothing second hand.  i know every now and then there will be something at nordy's that i just have to have.  i think this is a great opportunity to recycle and save a little money all at the same time.  while i was in california i found some pretty amazing things at crossroads thrift store in roseville.  i went three times and found different treasures each time. 

as you know i am a jean freak and so i was beside myself with excitement when i found these three pairs of designer jeans.  on the left a pair of paige premium denim for $10 (they are a little worn but for the most part they are in great shape) in the middle are my fav's.  a pair of joes from their vintage line.  so cute and only cost me $37.50.  another pair of joes on the right for $27.50.  WOW!!

here are some of the great little tops i got at the same store, all four cost me around $20!!!

i will keep you updated on my progress. 


  1. Wow! Love them all! I have thought about doing the same thing after watching the documentery No Impact Man (have you seen it?)...maybe your inspiration will give me a push.

  2. love the journal ideas, I have a quote journal that I just love love love. It's fun to see how my handwriting has changed over the years and what quotes resonate now that didn't then and vice versa. p.s. I need serious help in the jean dept. I have like 2 pair that I wear all the time and that's it. It's sort of efficient and sort of tragic too.

  3. rachel, i have not heard of no impact man. i am super excited to add it to my netflix.

    lacy, you will have to go to norstrom savvy section and try on all sorts of "fancy" jeans. (look for joes, true religion, paige, citizens of humanity, seven for all man kind, those are some of my favs). i like to call them fancy because i feel extra special in them and they are oh so comfy. dont get scared at the price tag, but study them and them go to the second hand stores to find the same jeans at a fraction of the price. it is so rewarding.


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