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Friday, September 10, 2010

one of my fav's

this is one my favorite journal pages. 
 it has three pictures that i cherish of a thanksgiving family vacation to the big island. 
this page brings back wonderful memories and makes me smile everytime i see it. 
i try not to use too many store bought items on my journal pages.  i love to use magazines, catalogs, new clothing tags, old cool things that i have been hanging on to for some odd reason, and gift bags or neat shopping bags (one of my favorites are the little striped bags from coach).  i am recycling and  it makes the journals so interesting and those items tell there own story and reflect who i am and the things i love. 
i am so ready to pull my journaling box out and see what cool things i forgot i had and get writing.

what is your favorite item to journal with??? 


  1. You have inspired me to start journaling again...I think I am really in need of it for myself and my sanity. My favorite item to journal with is the colorful japanese washi tape...

  2. i love that tape too!! journaling is so theraputic for me--i love it and i love looking back at them to see what i was thinking and feeling on different days throughout the year.


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