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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

sept one!!!!

I am off to a pretty good start!!!!  dinner was nothing new, but i made spaghetti.  organic whole wheat noodles, organic sauce and wild musk ox sausage that our friend avery shot with a bow and arrow in bush alaska.  bush alaska!!????  weird term, i know!!!!!  there are lots of villages in alaska and that is really what i mean by the "bush"!!!  i didn't eat any because of the meat but the rest of the fam was in LOVE!!!!!

oh the exercise!!!!!  30 minutes on the treadmill for me with the black eyed peas pandora station!!!!!   i would love to get outside and breath the fresh air but its not in the cards tonight!!


  1. Mmm...I'm hungry now!

    Goals/resolutions can be helpful & good as long as we stay very gentle & loving with ourselves. Here's to doing the things we want to do with gentleness & love.

    Enjoy your Thursday, my friend,



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