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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

beer grain cookies

still cooking and running!!!!

today is my day off and so i decided to make a few things to eat for the week.

1.  pad thai (one of my all time favorites)

organic whole wheat udon noodles with loads of steamed veggies topped with my very own peanut sauce!!!!  YUM!!!!

2.  for my husband: salmon casserole.

organic whole wheat spiral noodles, organic non dairy milk, organic non dairy cream cheese, wild alaska salmon that my husband and son caught this summer, organic crackers crushed on the top with a little non dairy butter!!!!  he loves anything with salmon!!!!

3.  beer grain cookies: for the whole fam

my husband brews the beer that we drink (mmmmmmmmm, so yummy!!!)  i just can't throw away the grains that we use so i save them and add them to cookies, bread, or whatever!!!!  they are pretty fab in cookies--even the kiddos love them.

thats it for today--hope this all lasts a few days!!!!!!

exercise has been put on hold the last few days because of a busy busy weekend in the city!!!!  shopping (i will share my finds later this week) and a football game!!!!!  back on the treadmill today!!!!!

have you thought of any september resolutions!!??

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