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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

news years resolution in september...

who says you have to wait until the new year to make a few resolutions.  right???  well i guess i am going against the rules a little, but what the heck.

so with that said here i go, here are my september resolutions.

1. cook more

i am in such a rut with cooking for the last months (6 or so, maybe longer).  life gets busy with work, school, sports, and a new second job that i am usually so tired by the time we make it home that i don't want to stand over the stove and make dinner.  my new plan is to make meals when i can and make enough for leftovers.  leftovers the family can warm up when i am not here.  i also vow to try new recipes...lots of them.  i have great cook books with fabulous meals just waiting for me to make them.

2.  exercise regularly

i go through so many ups and downs with exercise that it is pretty darn ridiculous.  i do really well for a while and this life gets busy and crazy and i lose my time to workout.  it drives me bonkers!!!  i was talking to my dad one day (he always makes time for exercise even now that he is in his mid sixties) and i was complaining that i don't have time to keep up with my exercise.  he looked at me and simply said, you have to make time.  so simple but so true, I have to make time!!!!!  its all up to me!!!!  i absolutely love the way i feel when i exercise and i need to just do it!!!!!

so there they are, my september resolutions...i can only handle two right now.  any more might send me over the edge!!!!!  i so wish i was one of those lucky people who only need 4 hours of sleep a night.  oh the things i could accomplish.

sending you love on this tuesday!!!!

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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous photo of you, Kelley!

    Your "resolutions" are mine too & we can make them any damn time we please! I love breaking the rules! I am absolutely determined to make exercise top on the list of my priorities and I'm thinking I would like to start trying out some new recipes too...let me know if you come across any really great ones--I'll do the same!

    Here we go...


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