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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

life...honest and real

life has been very busy for me these past few months.  i don't always handle the busyness very well.  i feel scattered and unorganized and unable to give 100% to any part of my life. 

i love this blog world where i can share with you my life up here in the last frontier. i promised myself that i would keep this space happy and positive.  for the most part i will do that, but it is also so important for me to share things that are not so happy, but that are honest and real.  we all have our ups and downs in this life, but sometimes the downs out way the ups.  

i feel overwhelmed and tired. i am a working mom and simply can not have a new meal on the table each night. the house will be a mess and laundry and dog hair will pile up on the floor.  my kids will argue and we will stress over things we shouldn't.

i will attend everything that my kiddos are involved in and say yes to sports that cost more than my car payment each month.  i will feel every heartache and every joy with my family.  i will not be a super soccer mom or volunteer of the year.   

here i am, honest and real


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