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Monday, February 14, 2011

monday little valentines

im not able to spend valentines day with my wonderful husband this year, but just as special i am spending it with my two little valentines.  we spent the entire weekend together, eating all their favorite foods, making valentines cards, and watching movies.  it was great!!!

this year the kids and i made "green" valentines cards.  we used things we already had in the house and i was thrilled at how much fun they had making their own instead of buying them at the grocery store.

so makenzi and i used blank cards that i have had around the house for years and cut them in half to minimize wasted paper.  then we cut hearts out of an athropologie catalog (i use anthro catalogs for so many things these days) glued the hearts to the paper, added a little red bow and we were done.  so easy, but so fun!!! 

instead of anthro catalogs, creed and i used sports illustrated mags for his cards.  he went through and cut out all the great football and hockey photos and glued them to his card,  added a lolly pop and we were done!!

they were both very excited to give out their cards today!!!!

happy valentines everyone.  sending lots of love and hugs to you all!!!!!

love love


  1. LOVE this!! So stinkin' adorable I can't even handle it :)

  2. Such creative ideas, Kelley! Sounds like the three of you had so much fun.

    You've inspired me...I think next year I will steal these great ideas!

    May your day overflow with love.

  3. Such a wonderful idea, those are so cute!


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