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Sunday, February 27, 2011

i am a super hero

as i focus on eating healthy and fueling my body with nutrients i feel so amazing.  seriously!!  it doesn't take long to rid your body of yucky toxins that way you down and make you feel tired and sick.  the food we choose to put in our bodies affects so much of how we feel.  i refuse to feel yucky and icky, i want energy and health that keeps me young and vibrant.  the more i read and learn about food i become more and more excited to try new things.  i have been a little obsessed with the kind diet lately and working my way to alicia silverstones super hero lifestyle

along with alicias book she also has a blog.  she is always posting great information that i love to read.  did you know that there is a national snack food month!!!! hmmmmmm!!!!  silly i thought, but it was in feb.

check out this site for some interesting info

cheers to healthy happy living!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. You are a super hero, Kelley!

    I love your excitement for healthy eating, it's very contagious. Love the colorful, yummy photo up there too.

    Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm.


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