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Friday, March 11, 2011

makenzi's story...part two

we all have a story
part two
kenzi at one year

i didn't go back to school in the fall, i had decided to stay home with my daughter.  the first year or so she progressed like the books said she would, and i enjoyed my time at home while my husband was busy with work.
kenzi and i spent our days playing and reading books.  at just around 2 years old my husband and i began to notice little things here and there that were a little out of the "normal" category.  our daughter wouldn't imitate certain everyday gestures like waving goodbye and her vocabulary was minimal compared to other children  her age.  she had also developed an abnormal behavior.  quite often she would hum while propelling her arms and sort of skip around the room. we weren't sure what this was and that's when i first heard the word autism come out of my husbands mouth.  i immediately said NO WAY!!!  i wanted nothing to do with the thought of it and quickly defended my little girl.  she was a snugly child, while i had heard autistic children don't like to be touched.  she was so little, she would grow out of this and i knew that everything would be ok.
i continued to stay home and a few months after kenzi's third birthday our son creed was born.  i now had two little ones so there was no way i would be going back to school anytime soon. 
the humming and propelling continued and her vocabulary still suffered.  i bought all sorts of books and continued to believe she would eventually catch on. 
when she turned four we decided to start her in preschool a couple of days a week.  it went ok and helped introduce her to other kids her own age.  during that year we were in touch with a woman who worked for the school district screening pre kindergartners.  we decided to set up an appointment and see what she had to say.  a week after the appointment i received a phone call that still bothers me to this day.  over the phone she gave me the results that there was something seriously wrong with my child.  i was so disturbed by the way she talked to me and what she had said that i totally shut down.  i completely believed she was wrong and that she had no idea who my daughter was and how amazing she was.
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  1. Oh, Kelley...she's precious. I'm so touched by her story.

    The part about the phone call gave me chills--it's hard to imagine the emotions that would come up with a call like that.

    Thank you for sharing her (and yours & your family's) story here.


  2. Kelley, you are so brave! To post your story takes so much courage. We are proud of you and we will always love and support you. XOXO Jen and Clint

    Aunt kelley-
    Kenzi is a intelligant,beautiful girl. I am so happy to read her story. God makes things happen for a reason and I know this is only a small road block in the long highway ahead. I'm proud of you, it takes a lot of courage to tell a story like this. Life has good and bad moments, but it takes bad moments to make good ones out of it. I love you so much:)! Keep living the life you love, Zoey


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