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Monday, January 10, 2011

monday loves

wow--i was able to get so much done this weekend.  i  decided to get out of the holiday bad eating habits so i pulled out my kind diet book and soaked up all the inspiration i could.  i wrote down new ingredients to buy at the store, found fabulous tid bits i had missed the first time around and placed my little read out in the open so i see it everyday when i walk into the kitchen. 

the next project in my house is to work on our master bedroom.  i really havnt done much to our room since we moved in 7 years ago.  sooooo for starters i wanted a place to display some of my favorite necklaces in my closet.  yay!!!! project!!!!  promise to share a better photo of this a little later.

today i watched sex in the city 2!!!  not quite sure how i missed that one in the theaters, but i loved sitting and relaxing on my monday and watching a good ol movie all by myself!!!  not quite as good as the first, but i was entertained!!!

lastly, for the last year i have been wanting to make my own homemade jam.  i used to do this quite often, but time just got away from me this summer and i never got around to it.  sooo it became a winter project!!  i got one batch done today and i feel so good.  i am excited to put fresh homemade jam on my kiddos toast in the morning before school.
hope your weekend was a good one and your week is extra special!!

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