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Monday, December 20, 2010

monday loves...

oh dear monday...
so thankful for today.  so happy for a day with my sweet little ones.  a day to relax and reconnect with no school and no work to get in the way.  i cherish our day together.  we will pack our suitcases for disney world, eat together, and stay in all day.  there is a fresh blanket of snow outside and most of the christmas gifts have been delivered.  this christmas season has been a relaxing one.  this year i didn't allow the stress of it all take away from embracing the true meaning of this beautiful holiday.
love and hugs

last week my sons class had a presentation for all us parents about family heritage.  it was a fun little project for the kids to learn more about their families and where they are from.  on the back of the projects they all came up their own lists to describe themselves.  i loved the list (especially the last line)  it melted my heart and i had to take a picture of it.  love love

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  1. What a precious post, Kelley. So glad you're embracing your sweet life. That list from your son is such a treasure--oh my goodness. Thank you for sharing the beauty.

    Sending a whole bunch of love your way.

    Happy holidays! xo


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