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Sunday, January 27, 2013


brushing my teeth

continuing to simplify our lives, the next product i wanted to tackle was toothpaste.  i read a few things online about toothpaste and taking good care of our precious teeth.  i did not find one particular recipe that i fell in love with or one that worked well with my new simplified outlook on everyday life.  soooo with all that here is what i did to make my very own toothpaste.  i havnt convinced the rest of my family on this one yet, but i know they will come around.  i am not going to bash companies that sell certain products with certain ingredients, but i urge you to check whats in your products the next time you use them.  

baking soda
coconut oil
hydrogen peroxide

i did not use any specific measurements.  this recipe is a add each ingredient until you get the right consistency kind of recipe!=)  i used a little mason jar and started with the baking soda (about a 1/3 of a cup).  
about a tablespoon of the peroxide
i melted little bits of the coconut oil at a time and slowly added it to the mixture.  when i found my desired consistency i let it cool and harden.  after it had hardened i added some water to liquify my toothpaste a bit for ease of getting it on my toothbrush=)

next weekend i am going to make some for my kids and husband, but will add some mint essential oil.  i dont think they will be big fans of the baking soda flavor!!!  it was a little hard to handle the first few days, but now i am used to it and even taste the coconut oil more and more!!  

happy brushing

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  1. this sounds great. thank you for sharing! oh, i just read that cardamom has a natural anti-bacterial property that helps neutralize dental bacteria. cardamom oil would add a nice earthy vanilla flavor, too.=)


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