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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

flowers at the fair

i have lived in alaska since 1996 and had never been to the state fair!!  i am not really a fair goer, but this year a friend of mine invited my kiddos and i while our husbands were out of town.  we loaded up in her motor home and headed to palmer for two days of the fair.  i enjoyed it so much more than i ever imagined and am so excited to go back next year!!
one of my favorite parts was the flower and vegetable exhibit.  wow are the flowers beautiful, here are a few pics.

wish i had pictures of the veggies.  oh my they were big!!!!  there is nothing better than alaskan grown veggies!!  
i was worried that i would have a hard time finding healthy food options, but was pleasantly surprised to find some vegan options amongst the tradition high fat fair food.
cheers to the alaska state fair, it was fabulous!!  happy tuesday!!!

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