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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2013 begins today!  a fresh new year to choose happy.  do the things that make YOU happiest, love yourself, love others, talk positive, and find the goodness that this earth has to offer.  

my 10 goals for a happy healthy me in 2013:

1.  find more time for myself without guilt.

2.  find new ways to make my vegan lifestyle exciting with new recipes.

3.  continue simplifying my life 

4.  strengthen my yoga practice

5.  share more about our goals for kenzi lu=)

6.  create more

7.  thrift more

8.  help more

9.  love more

10.  surround myself with those who love me for who i am and don't worry about the others!!!

hope your 2013 is full of all things that make you happy

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