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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

second hand, please!

its been about two years since i began my quest to shop (as much as i can) second hand.  i love it and prefer to dig through consignment stores over a department stores or mall shopping!!  not only do i shop this way, but i also consign my own items at our local store in town.  to date i have made over $800 back on my clothes, purses, shoes and jewelry!!  this way i don't feel so bad buying new clothes.  i don't keep my clothes long and wish i could wear something new everyday.  since that is not possible!! =) consigning is a great way to keep my wardrobe exciting.  i am lucky with our local store because it is not only a great second hand store, but it is also a fundraiser for our local theatre group.  if i am willing to donate what doesn't sell, they take everything i bring in!  its a win win for everyone.  other consignment stores are not so easy.  my favorite store in the city is super picky (and they should be) i have taken stuff in once and they only took a few things.  here are a few guidelines if you are interesting in consigning your wardrobe.
(one of my fav consignment finds ever is this anthro dress!!  $20!!)

1. brand name brand name brand name!!!!!  its all in the brand!!!!  lets face it people love to buy good brands at good prices, so that is exactly what the stores are looking for.  good brands in good shape!!  anthro, free people, jcrew, ann taylor loft, and nordstrom brands are all great!!  
(this dress is a nordys brand for $28)

2. familiar!!!  be familiar with prices so you know what kind of deal you are getting.  i love high end jeans and i love to find them at consignment stores.  i am very aware of their prices in department stores so i know that when i find a pair of paige jeans for $10 ($180-$220 ish retail) thats a great deal!!!!  that is rare and i am still pinching myself with that find!!!!!  i can usually find them for around $60.  jeans to look for, paige, joes, true religion, hudson, citizens of humanity, and seven for all mankind.
(this dress is a anthro brand jammy dress, but i don't wear jammy's this cute, so i wore it to work!! $30)

3.  if you find something you like, don't leave it on the rack!!!!!  carry it with you and think about it, but if you set it down, i promise you it will be gone!!!!  i learned this at the coach outlet in vegas.  omg those ladies are crazy!!!!  don't feel bad carrying 5 purses on your arm!!  i have learned how to play that game!!!

4.  offended, no!!!  don't be offended if they don't take a lot or any of your clothes.  try again in a couple of months, or try another store, you never know what they are looking for.  they are also looking for items that  are in season and not out of style.  if you have had something in your closet for years there is a good chance they are not going to take it.  vintage is another story, 20 years or older is considered vintage!!  most consignments stores, but not all love vintage!!  the one i go to in anchorage has vintage dishes, linens and furniture.
(dress $18, and denim jacket $8.  the jacket was on clearance at the consignment store--its a gap kids so i think the size large was throwing people off, but i loved it and was thrilled because i had been looking for a jean jacket for a couple of years)

5.  shop often!!!  if you can stop in once a week that is your best bet to finding fabulous items. but lets face it, thats not possible with our busy schedules.  some days i find a pile of beautiful finds and other times i walk out empty handed!!  you just never know, but don't get discouraged if you don't find something on your first visit.  the more you try the more you will find.  

good luck and happy shopping!!  
P.S. if you wondering what crazy things are on my counter in the background of these photos!!!  i don't blame you!!  my husband brews really yummy beer!!!  

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I love thrift shopping although I never sell mine, after getting turned away once and I don't always have time to wait with my littles running around.
    What is your email Kelley?


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