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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

red dress

yesterday i received a text from one of my good friends daughters.  it was a picture of a young girl in africa trying on a red dress.  the dress looked familiar.  about a year ago my good friends daughter was going on a mission to mexico and wanted to take some things for the girls.  clothes, makeup, etc, so i packaged up some clothes and sent them with her.  for some reason she was unable to take them with her so she saved them and sent them to africa with my friend jessies brother who was going to help his uncle who is a doctor.  
well, i had completely forgotten about the dresses and was beyond thrilled to see this sweet picture of this beautiful young girl trying on the red dress that came from my heart.  it simply made my day, week, month, year.  this is what life is about...helping others in need.  something so simple as a new dress to make them 
feel special and loved.  it would be amazing to travel and do more to help these dear children.  love love love

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  1. have a beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing this spirit-warming story, such goodness here.

    Sending you love today,



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