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Monday, December 12, 2011

catalogs & duct tape

its all in the packaging!!  when i shop i always choose the items that are packaged cute over anything else.  does anyone else do the same thing??  i love to wrap and over the years i have stopped buying wrapping paper and starting using random things to wrap gifts with.  its so fun and makes the gift giving even more special.  i am not even half way done with my shopping=( i am having a really hard time this year!!  i want to find the perfect thing for each person, but the ideas are just not there=(  here are the few gifts i have wrapped and under the tree.  

newspaper, anthro catalogs, colored duct tape, mod podge, boden catalogs and left over parts of christmas cards from years past.  
what do you wrap your gift with???
happy shopping, wrapping and monday to you all.

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