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Sunday, August 1, 2010

a little halibut....

i loved being out on the ocean today. 
it was so nice to get some fresh air and catch a few very yummy halibut at the same time.
the water was so calm and the sun came out for a few seconds and it felt so wonderful. 
here is a picture i took of the beautiful homer harbor. 
homer is one of the most beautiful little artsy towns, i love it. 


  1. Wow, Kelley! This is a "little" halibut??? It's almost as big as you! Did you actually catch this? I'm amazed...

    So glad you got to breathe that fresh ocean air and felt the sunshine for a few seconds. Sounds like a lovely time.

    Sending love to you & your sweet family.

  2. Mmmmm....I bet that little fish was yummy!! I'm lovin' your blog, lady! So are we getting together while you're here in Cali??


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