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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

alaskan caviar

alaskan caviar
i have been able to experience so many things in my 14 years living of alaska and today was another first for me.....caviar. 
one of the ladies at work made it herself (the caviar is from one of our amazing wild alaskan salmon that we catch here locally) and brought it in with gourmet crackers, cheese and cucumbers from her greenhouse.  honestly it doesn't taste like much, just a little salty and it melts in your mouth as soon as you try to chew it. 
it truly is a different world up here in the 49th state.  i know there is a reason i have been blessed to experience this beautiful land.  its not the tropical paradise that i dream of, but it is where i have grown as an adult, started a family, and created a life with my wonderful husband, his family and all of our true friends.  i never imagined i would live in a small town like this with 30 below zero temps in the winter, but we will always have a connection to the last frontier even after we move on (in about 5 years or so) to the next stage in our lives (hopefully to somewhere warm with no snow=). 

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