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Sunday, May 22, 2011

running for a cause

saturday was the torch run and it was the best one yet!!!  they raised over $5000 for the special olympics-yay!!! 
i attained my personal goal of running the entire 3.2 miles, kenzi ran the whole thing too--wow i was so proud of her-she didnt complain once.  creed rode his bike and came in 4th place while gus ran the entire time with the torch.  it was a good time.

just before the start!!  gus and the mayor talking about the torch run .

me and the girls just before the race!!
happy sunday

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  1. Oh, Kelley! Congratulations! This sounds so great...I love that you all did it together--so special-and that you did it for such a beautiful cause. So great that Kenzi ran the whole 3.2 miles! Marielle will be doing a 5k in a few weeks...she's so excited and we're so proud of her.

    Sending love to each of you. ♥


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