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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

one week vegan day two



breakfast: ezekiel muffin

snack: banana blueberry mango smoothie

lunch: veggie chili

snack: apple

dinner: veggie chili and a boca burger (i was a little hungry tonight:)

today was my first day back at work and always a challenge when it comes to eating.  i have to prepare in the morning and make sure i have enough "good" food to keep me full and away from the naughty snacks on the back counter at work. 

choosing organic:
i dont stress about it, but i try to buy as much organic as i can.  its a little hard up here to get quality organic fresh fruits and veggies so i buy what looks fresh!  everything i buy that is frozen, canned, or in a bag is almost always organic.  i know its a little more expensive, but i think of it as cheap health insurance!!! 

three of my fav small appliances that make my life a heck of a lot easier:

cuisinart-for chopping
rice cooker- for rice and quinoa
vita mix-for my smoothies

have a great night!!

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  1. I love this and it inspires me to eat healthier :) keep it up girl! See you Monday


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