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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

cleaning the clutter

a couple of months ago i went to dinner with a great friend.  we hadn't had any time together to sit, and visit with each other so a dinner out was just what we needed.  we had a great time catching up and at the end of our dinner she gifted me this book.  i hadn't heard of it and i honestly hadn't read in anything in quite some time.  not because i don't like to read but because i just run out of time in the day.  

the next day i opened the book and began reading the first chapter.  i loved it from the moment i began reading and couldn't wait to read more.  its been slow going for me, just a few pages a night, but i LOVE this book.  its motivating in all aspects of my life and i am so inspired by her writing.

after reading the first few pages of this book i decided that i was going to work on my own happiness project.  i know it is going to be slow and i am not going to rush through the book. i want to take it all in and really work on her ideas.  so i sat down and made a list, here is my beginning of my very own happiness project.

my list: cleaning the clutter
i am going to clean out our house and go through everything we own.  every drawer, cabinet, closet and garage bin.  clutter is a big stress in my life and i never seem to have the time to clean it out, so i am going to make time.  everything that we don't need will go!!!

1.  starting with my bedroom, closet and bathroom.  this is a room that is neglected for sure.  we are never in our room except to shower and sleep.

2.  the closet under the stairs!!  oh my goodness this is the space where i throw all sorts of stuff.  open the door throw it in and forget about it!!!!  it has to be cleaned next!!

3.  laundry room and kitchen

4.  kids rooms (with help from the kids themselves.  i think its great for them to learn how to get rid of things they don't use anymore and take it to our local charity)

5. my work space

6.  garage (this will require lots of help from my husband) 

there it is---my first list!!!!  

happy tuesday

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  1. Kelley! It's been so long! I've been very preoccupied with my book project so I haven't been visiting many blogs--it's good to be back here!

    I love your new header! What a great, alive, happy photo of you. You are vibrant & gorgeous.

    Clearing...oh, yes. What a difference it makes to start clearing away, opening, creating space for the new. I've been doing a lot of that myself & there's lots more to go! I think it's important to find a way to enjoy the process as much as possible--crank up the music, maybe sip some good wine, light a candle...

    Sending tons of love to you today,



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