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Monday, April 25, 2011

mondy loves...

 oh, hello monday!!!  wow the weeks go by way to fast.  mondays are always bitter sweet for me.  its my day off all to myself, but the next day is tuesday which means i head back into work mode.  today was filled with a million loads of laundry, the grocery store and getting the kids all ready for the busy week ahead.  i have been focusing on slowing myself down and getting overwhelmed with the "hurrification" of america.  i am in awe of how fast paced life has become.  what is everyone in such a hurry for????

what if everyone stepped back and slowed down???  what if we got up 5 minutes earlier to avoid the mad dash in the morning to eat breakfast and run out the door to school and work.  only to be rushed the entire day by impatient customers and never ending phone calls. 
take time this week to relax, slow down, enjoy the outdoors, and the amazing life we are all given.

i want to introduce you to sweet kellyn.  she is an amazing little 3 year old that has touched our hearts and we are blessed to have her in our  lives.  she is the daughter of our good friends kim and avery and i have so much more to share about kellyn in the months to come.  she is a part of a very special project that i am working on called kenzi lu with my dear friend jessie. 
love and hugs

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